Lake Rules

Rules of the Lake

Important: Please read these rules carefully

All swimmers agree to swim entirely at their own risk and in the unlikely event of injury, accident, loss or damage suffered, regardless of however it may be caused no responsibility whatsoever shall be attached to the organisers, sponsors, or any persons involved in the organisation of the open water swimming at Pennington Flash.

All swimmers must be healthy and have no KNOWN medical condition that they have not discussed with their doctor, and be fit and well enough to undertake open water swimming.

All swimmers must complete a declaration agreeing to obey all the clauses laid down in these rules. These rules are established with safety as the most important concern but we are also dedicated to helping you have a really enjoyable experience with MyOpenWaterSwim


FIRST TIMERS MUST INFORM US AT REGISTRATION This is so we can undertake an induction and take extra care to ensure you have a safe swim. We also have a separate novice swim area.

EVERYONE must enter and exit the water at the designated areas only, unless in the case of an emergency.

STRICTLY NO DIVING OR JUMPING into the water at any time.

EVERY CHILD (under 16) MUST be accompanied by an adult in the water. If there are a group of Under 16s more than one adult must accompany them in the water.

WEAR A WETSUIT This will not only keep you warm but will also act as a buoyancy aid. (If you are a member of an open water swimming association or training for a non wetsuit event you may be exempt from this rule, but only if you seek prior permission, please inform us when you sign in). You can hire a suit at the swim, from our site MyWetsuitHire or alternatively purchase one from our other site MyTriathlon

SWIM IN SIGHT OF THE CLUB HOUSE ON THE DESIGNATED SWIM LOOPS If you can’t see us — we can’t see you.

NOVICE open water swimmers please stick to the smaller loops of 400m – The 750m loop is longer than you think.

ALL CHILDREN under 16 are limited to the 400m loops unless they are strong club swimmers, or accompanied by an adult on the longer loops.

EVERY SWIMMER MUST swim in a clockwise direction on all swim route. Please swim responsibly!

PLEASE NOTE: as ALL the swim loops are measured with GPS and are accurate and at all time within sight of the clubhouse – if you are not on the loop you are swimming “out of bounds”!!

SWIM WITH A BUDDY IF POSSIBLE If you get in to trouble, you are not alone, we don’t stipulate that you have to swim with someone but we do encourage it for your own safety, if this is not possible then please swim responsibly and know your own limits.

RAISE YOUR ARM FOR ATTENTION If you can not make it to shore, roll onto your back and if possible raise your arm and wait for help.

HYGIENE: SHOWER AFTER SWIMMING To reduce the chance of any infection please shower after you come out of the lake. This is also a precaution against Weil’s disease. Wash any open wounds and ears, etc. If you develop any flu like symptoms it is important to see your GP and tell him that you have been swimming in open water. Any open wounds should be covered with a water proof plaster.