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Book your place for the open water swim. Sessions must be booked in advance online – you will not be allowed on site if you have not Pre-booked your place!

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MyOpenWater Swim

Sessions must be booked in advance online – you will not be allowed on site if you have not Pre-booked your place!

There will be 3 session each day with no more than 25 people per session.

Session 1- 16:45-17:30pm. – Arrive Onsite at 16:30 and leave by 17:45



By purchasing this product you agree to abide by the rules set out below and also the governments COVID-19 rules including distancing – VIEW HERE


Swimmers will only be permitted on site 15minutes before the start of the session and must arrive before the start of their selected time slot in order to avoid a crossover of people in the car park. You will be able to exit the water anytime during your session.


Inside will remain shut meaning no access to changing rooms/showers/toilets/refreshments


No spectators will be allowed on site only the people swimming.


The swim will be open to members only. Membership must be purchased online before attending a session and you will be required to enter your membership number when booking a session.


Swim essentials such as wetsuits, neoprene warmth, goggles, swim caps, dryrobes will be available – card payments only.


A safety team will still be on site but will maintain a safe distance at all times unless required and will be wearing gloves to prevent direct contact.


Entering the Site:

As you enter the site you will be asked for you name(s) before being allowed to park up.


Swimmer should then park up and change in the car park at least 2 meters from anyone else. Please leave everything no essential in your car or in a bag in the designated area.


Swimmers will be asked not a gather in groups and always maintain a distance of 2 meters from anyone even when enter the water and swimming.


Once your session starts you will be asked to enter the water one by one again leaving a distance of 2 meters between swimmers.


If a swimmer wishes to leave during the session they can at any time but maybe asked to wait in the water until the next wave has fully entered. All courses will be open anti clockwise to avoid any cross over.


When leaving the water please gather all your belonging and head straight back to the car park to change. Once you have changed please leave the premises swiftly before the next time group starts to arrive to avoid having too many people in the car park.

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